Scorpio Woman And Taurus Man

In short term the relationship between Taurus man and Scorpio woman could be exotic but when it comes to long term relationship, it is an altogether different proposition. Both have similar negative traits and their long term compatibility will always be open to question. Since both are stubborn in nature they will not be able to appreciate things from each other’s view point and this will create real problems for them.


Moreover, both are highly possessive and jealous and innocent flirtation or just a casual glance can lit up the fire of feud between the two. Also both Taurus man and Scorpio woman will like to take the lead and there could be intense power struggle between the two. Being the opposite zodiac signs, they will attract each other greatly and both will be attached to each other’s strong personality and willing to commit themselves to the other. Taurus man is the epitome of strength and is very calm and collected. He can channel his entire energy in one direction generating incredible results. They are also predictable and moderate. But Scorpio woman should know not to push her man to the limits when he could display surprising stubbornness.

Taurus prefers his lady love to be feminine and Scorpio may do well shedding a bit of her stubbornness to act feminine and win over her man. With a glorious womanhood the Scorpio woman is sweet natures and quiet and is also very intelligent but is also one of the most complicated woman and most difficult to understand. Taurus man with his straightforward nature may find it difficult to fathom the depth of this complicated damsel who won’t readily give up her won. Of course, if the Taurus man can make her believe in his sincerity, she will be very loyal to him. Taurus man loves the mystic beauty and intelligence of his Scorpio woman while she on turn loves the strength and determination of her man.

She makes an ideal and encouraging mate always liking the ambitious nature of Taurus man and helps him out in achievement of his goals in every way possible. But the Scorpio woman always likes to dominate and Taurus man requires a lot of patience to keep along her since she could become really cruel when not handled with affection. When Scorpio woman falls for Taurus man the result is powerful as well as soul transforming. Plus point in the relationship is passionate and emotional sexual pairing since for both, sex is an act of worship strengthening the bond of relationship.

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