Taurus Woman And Scorpio Man

A long term relationship between Scorpio man and Taurus woman will only be possible when the Taurus woman will agree to bend down a bit every now and then. Since both Taurus woman and Scorpio man are strong headed, the relationship may not move smoothly enough. He will have the habit of keeping things to himself and it will create feeling of suspicion in the woman. Yet Taurus man will hardly bother to tell about anything to his Scorpio woman though he may be aware of the consequences.


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Success of the relationship is therefore dependent on the duo respecting each other properly. Yet the sexual intensities and magnetic partnership of Scorpio man and Taurus woman has a better chance of survival in comparison to the reverse pairing of Scorpio woman and Taurus man.

Scorpio man is very perceptive and has uncanny abilities to understand the reasons and motives of others which make him aware of a wide range of possibilities. With high values and use of emotional intelligence used for good purposes, he is very caring and protective which the Taurus woman will always seek for. True, Scorpio man at times could be extremely vengeful and suspicious but that will not normally be with the lady love and that only comes up when he is facing a bad phase in life.

Taurus woman on the other hand will find her Scorpio man very protective and always there by her side at the time of need keeping her safe from worldly problems. Down to earth and hardworking, Taurus woman and is never impulsive. Shy initially, she can quickly warm up and become an entertaining conversationalist and this along with her devotion and warmth of love would be something highly appreciated by Scorpio man. Sensual and graceful approach to love life of Taurus woman will win over Scorpio man quite easily. Both make great sexual match and that is one high point in their relationship.

Seductive qualities of Scorpio man will eventually win over the Taurus woman. And if they can build up mutual trust, there is no reason why the relation may not last longer. Taurus woman knows perfectly how to love and respect her Scorpio man and make his life smooth without interfering. She gives him the best emotional and physical love and cooks the best food for the Scorpio man making his home a heaven much sought for.   Scorpio man on his part will love the Taurus woman and adore her like a goddess. Yet he will never let her forget that he is the man in their relationship. Wining over his Taurus mate becomes easy as he showers her with the best of gifts of her liking.

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